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Introducing Lesbian Art, Empower Lesbian Artists through feminism.
Feminism and lesbian art are what we want to share with you, and everyone - LGBTQ and straight like you - is welcome.

Meeting Information
well, i am totally away from where i initially planned to go with this group now.
anyway... there's another study group coming up. i hope it sounds not that bad idea to you to read some english papers and discuss queer economics in japanese, though i know few people are interested in this particular topic. if you like to, you can show up to one of the meetings in mita, tokyo where we have a regular session on every thursday 7:30-9:30pm from september 25 thr. december 4 2008. it costs you about 200 yen for each time, if you need a photocopy of the english text and an outline written in japanese. otherwise it's free of charge. just email me when you're coming by. janis_cherry(at)selfishprotein.net (posted on 21 september 2008)

----past meetings---
Date: Sat 8 July, 2006
Time: 7 to 9 pm
Place: PA/F SPACE http://www.pafspace.com/
3F Phoenix Building, 18 Babashita-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
2 min. walk from Exit 2 or 3b of Waseda station on the subway Tozai-line
(Map in Japanese)
Admission fee: 999 yen
We will set up some tea or something to drink for free but you can bring your own drink (non-alcohol only).
Contact: grrls(at)nifty.com

This is a casual fundraising party to run another lesbian booth at Tokyo Lesbian & Gay Parade on August 12. http://www.tlgp.org/
We want to make it for lesbians and queer women to exchange useful information.

The first half of the party will be a panel discussion of Ms. Yuriko Ino (Lesbian Studies), Ms. Tari Ito (Parformance Artist), and Mr. Hideki Sunagawa (An organizer of Tokyo Parade). The second half will be a Q&A session.

The discussion theme is "Possibilities of LGBT Cooperation - Activism and Studies -" and this probably will extend to art, politics in general, and issues related to LGBT in Japan. It will be all in Japanese language. In case you have a specific question with slang or unfamiliar terms, don't hesitate to ask us.

Come see us both at the party and the Tokyo pride this summer!
Study group in Tokyo Japan April 2006
We are going to read Harmony Hammond "Lesbian Art in America : A Contemporary History" (2000; Rizzoli).

Date: Every Tuesday, from April 2 to April 25, 2006.
Time: from 7 to around 9 in the evening.
Place: community center akta
#301 Dai-2-Nakae building, 2-15-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Map: http://rainbowring.sakura.ne.jp/archives/08_map/index.html
Please email me beforehand if you're coming to a meeting. [janis_cherry(at)selfishprotein.net]

Pre-meeting will be held at Starbucks Shinjuku-3-chome branch between 7 and 8 on Tuesday March 28, 2006. You can just drop in there to see how it's going to be.
Starbucks' address: 3-11-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Map: http://selfishprotein.net/images/starbucks3chome.gif
The closest station is Shinjuku-3-chome on the subway Shinjuku and Marunouchi lines.

Although the book is in English, discussion is typically in Japanese(depends on participants). I will help you to communicate with non-English-but-Japanese speakers.

BND Party in Waseda Tokyo
-- consumption, economics, environment, urban life, and ourselves.
(For more information of Buy Nothing Day in Japan: http://www.bndjapan.org/ )
Date: Sat 26 November, 2005
Time: around 4 to 9 pm
Place: PA/F SPACE http://www.pafspace.com/
3F Phoenix Building, 18 Babashita-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
2 min. walk from Exit 2 or 3b of Waseda station on the subway Tozai-line
(Map in Japanese)
Admission fee: 1000 yen (= 500 yen for room rent + 500 yen for food), 500 yen with a vegan food to share (= only for room) When the total exceeds the room rent, the rest will be distributed among people who bring the food.
Sorry for the fact that you need money to pay on such a day. I couldn't think of any good idea to have a gathering in metropolitan Tokyo without spending at all.
If you are not willing to bring food but want to have a meal for sure, e-mail Janis in advance. I'll leave some for you.
In Japanese version of this message, I put special emphasis on fish and other products that Japanese people tend to misunderstand them vegetarian. Maybe there's some disagreement with what vegan food is. In case you want more information, please contact me. [janis_cherry(at)selfishprotein.net]
FYI... On the very same day there is a feminist documentary film festival going on in the neighborhood. So what about go see the movies before drop in? Here's the official website. http://www.renren-fav.org/ (Japanese) *The website is in Japanese only, but I am sure the majority of organizers are at least bilingual of English, Japanese, and/or Korean. So if you need information in either language, I think you can get it by e-mailing them.
Past Meeting Information
We are going to have a study group on a 20 page English text in Shinjuku Tokyo every Tuesday evening, starting from March 29 at 7 pm.
We are going to read "Sexuality, Class and Conflict in a Lesbian Workplace" by Kath Weston and Lisa B. Rofe (1984).
This essay is in the book called "Homo Economics" (Routledge; 1998).
All the discussion is in Japanese and it should be good for a Japanese language learner who doesn't have difficulty with reading English. If you're around Tokyo, please drop in and you are much more welcome to seriously join us.
Detail is here(Japanese). Janis [janis_cherry(at)selfishprotein.net].

Sessions for preparing a lesbian sex guide in Japanese
In Tokyo Japan, I am going to have 4 informative meetings of lesbian sex and lesbian sexual well-being in January 2004.
Japanese readers haven't had easily accessible writings of lesbian sex in general. I think it will be helpful if I can get some feedback from women having sex with women(WSW) who have positive experience around their own sexualities.
Please come to any of the meetings even if you speak only English. I will help you out to communicate with Japanese speakers.

Meeting info is as followed;
The meeting place may change, so please contact Janis in advance. janis_cherry(at)selfishprotein.net

Time: Every Tuesday from 7 to 8:30 (6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th)
January 2004
Place: Hiroba Koryu Corner in Tokyo Women's Plaza

5-53-67 Jungumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
12 min. walk from Shibuya Station on JR-Yamanote and Keio-Inokashira Lines.
7 min. walk from Omotesando Station on Subway Ginza, Hanzomon, and Chiyoda Lines.

First meeting on 6th
Sharing information about STD, sexual transmitted diseases.
How to reach an appropriate medical service for WSW sexual health.

2nd on 13th
Talking about sex education.
How lesbians and other sexual minorities have been presented in a context of education.

3rd on 20th
Talking about safer sex.
Try something like dental dam and groves. Also knowing differences b/w kinds of lotions.

4th the last on 27th
What you want for a sex guide.
Comparing English from US and Korean lesbian sex guides.

+ + + + + +


Some ideas under consideration in our mailing list
- Development of web-site as a showcase of lesbian art (as a part of this project, we're planning to publish a webmagazine very soon)
- Starting a co-op organization, supported by a number of people, for collecting and delivering lesbian art work
- Artist network for collaboration and peer educational resource

English Home 2001 (In Japan from October through the end of 2001)

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-> In year 2002, our topic is lesbian visibility in Japan.
-> Show all our existence though our artistic work!
-> We will have meetings twice a month until the end of December 2002 in Japan.
-> New comers are always welcome.

- Basically no parking available. Please use a public transportation.
- If you need an extra help, please let me know in advance.
- We'll use English and/or Japanese languages in the meetings.
- Bring your own drink and food if you need.
- Strictly no drug, no alcohol, no smoking.
- Come into either or both sessions.

Part 1
-> Discussion/reading/sharing ideas, issues, articles you're interested in, etc.
-> There is a topic of the day.
-> You can come with nothing to share with us, but at least think in advance about the topic.

Part 2
-> Showing your favorite (preferably your original) art work.
-> We have a CD, MD, cassette player, and a video player. If you need special equipment, we'll need to reserve a room at Kanagawa Women's Center.
-> There's no topic you should prepare. Just have fun.
-> If you need more than 1 hour for your performance, please let me know what you're going to bring for us beforehand.


PAST Events in 2002
Piano and Poetry Reading in Japanese - a small gathering held in a private house.
Time: January 19, 2002 afternoon 2:30 through 4:30
Place: Secret
Access: close to JR Minami-Hikone Station ( in Hikone, Shiga, Japan )

In Summer 2002 Japan...
First meeting
On Saturday 13 July, 2002 From 4 to 7 early evening
At a private house in Hikone Shiga Japan. close to JR Minami-Hikone Station. We had 3 people, seeing some short films, and talked differences between Japanese and States' lesbian communities.

Second meeting
On Saturday 20 July, 2002 From 1 to 4 afternoon
At Kanagawa Women's Center, Fujisawa Kanagawa Japan.
Costs you 100 yen for room rent.
Since I didn't do good job offline advertisement, we had only 2 people. What we talked was too personal to write on this website. Sorry.

Third meeting
Saturday August 10, 2002 From 2 to 5 in the afternoon
We have a plan to publish a magazine specialized in feminism and lesbian art through internet. Total 3.

Forth meeting
Saturday August 24, 2002 From 2 to 5 in the afternoon
More specific discussion about making a webmagazine. 3 came.

Fifth meeting
Saturday November 16, 2002. from 1 to around 5 afternoon
At Bunkyo-ku Danjo Byodo Center (Bunkyo-word Men and Women Equality Center) [Japanese Page] 3 min. on foot from Hongo-San-Chome Station on Marunouchi and Oedo Lines (Bunkyo, Tokyo)
Saw "Vagina Monologues / Movie"
Cost 100 yen

Sixth meeting
Saturday 30 November, 2002. from 4 to 7 afternoon
STEP: Toyonaka Center for Gender Equality [ Japanese Website ]On 5 & 6 floor of Etre Toyonaka, directly connected to South exit of Toyonaka Station on Hankyu-Takaraduka line (Toyonaka, Osaka)
Cost 300 yen (with funtastic tea!)
We got 14 people coming. Thanks.

Extra meeting in Tokyo
see the Vagina Monologues/Movie performed by Eve Ensler herself for HBO.
It's original and all in English, so I'll give you an information sheet plus verbal explanation in Japanese for those non-English-but-Japanese speakers.

Time: 11:30 to around 4 o'clock, Sunday 5 of January 2003. (get there before 12 for the video.)
Place: Room D at Bunkyo Gender Equality Center (Bunkyo-ku Danjo Byodo Center) [MAP]
3 min. walk to Hongo-San-Chome Station on Marunouchi and Oedo Lines.
Cost: 300 yen including room rent and tea.

We got 7 people! Thanks a lot.

Group study sessions about feminism with bell hooks' "Feminism is for EVERYBODY" in Tokyo.

Time: from 7 to 8:30 in the evening, Tuesday 9 September 2003. (From next week on every Tuesday and Thursday; Sep.9, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30...)
Place: Hiroba Koryu Corner in Tokyo Women's Plaza [MAP(Japanese)]
5-53-67 Jungumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
12 min. walk from Shibuya Station on JR-Yamanote and Keio-Inokashira Lines.
7 min. walk from Omotesando Station on Subway Ginza, Hanzomon, and Chiyoda Lines.

Come with: a book for yourself either/both English and Japanese versions. We can share if you haven't got a copy yet.
Dictionaries might help.

It's OVER! But we're continuing some sort of study sessions in 2004, too. Please come back again! Thank you.

Aren't you interested in sharing your original work with us ?

Poetry Reading
Literature - Fiction, Drama
Music Performance
Visual Arts - Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sketches
Sculptures, 3D objects
Web or/and Computer based Graphic Design and Sound Art
Theatre Art, Dance Performance
Film, Video
Environmental Art, etc.

If you are interested in joining us, be sure to contact in advance:
Janis Cherry [cherryj_l(at)yahoo.com]
Don't forget to put your name on your mail to me!

For the latest news, access: [http://selfishprotein.net/cherryj/index.html]

English Home 2001 (In Japan from October through the end of 2001)

English Home 2002 (In Japan from July through the end of 2002)

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